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Robiotec - Smart Lab Automation

LabEye: Vision for Lab Automation

Human errors during operation of lab automation systems can cause significant and costly damage to samples, reagents and equipment.

Watch how LabEye, computer vision software by Robiotec, can be used on your liquid-handler system to detect human error and help you avoid such damage.

Furthermore, LabEye smart visual sensors can be used during run-time to make your lab-automation workflow smarter:

  • Detect and recover safely from hardware failures

  • Automatically collect and act on visual information.

Empower your lab automation with LabEye computer vision technology.


Cameo-2D: Tube-Rack Barcode Scanner

Tube-Rack 2d Barcode Scanner for Biobanks and Diagnostic Laboratories.  Streamline sample scanning and tracking.

  • Ready for Automation

  • Easy Integration

  • Bench-Top Scanning

  • Can be used as a Plate Imager combined with LabEye software

BugTag: Track insects using a camera and microtags

BugTag is a software solution for tracking insects. 

The solution is based on proprietary tags and computer vision software.

The tags are specifically designed so they can be small enough to be placed on insects.

They are designed to be robust to errors resulting from their small size which can be as small as 1mm.

The system is already heavily in use at research lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science for a couple of years with good performance.


BugBox: Insect Tracking and Fluorescent Imaging Instrument

BugBox includes BugTag software but adds a professional imaging solution for insects. It includes Infra red very high resolution camera and lighting for tracking the tags as well as optional multiple fluorescent cameras and lighting for fluorescent imaging.

It includes professional aquisition and analysis software and allows analysis both online and offline.

Additional customization is available upon request.


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