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LabEye software:

Vision for Lab Automation

  • Validate correct worktable before execution
  • Prevent human mistakes
  • Avoid loss of samples and equipment damage
  • Automatically collect and act on visual information
  • Smart visual sensors selection

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Empower your lab

Vision for Lab Automation


  • Failure of automation workflow due to operator mistakes is common and expensive. Misplaced, missing or misoriented Labware may lead to loss of expensive samples, reagents and consumables.
  • LabEye™ technology automatically validates the deck state and detect problems. The operator is provided with a friendly visual interface to fix the detected problems.
  • LabEye™ can detect problems during run-time allow automated recovery or halt the workflow and alert user  before a collisions or damage  occurs.
  • LabEye™ allow documentation of your assay with images, video recording and text files reflecting the deck state before and during the run.
  • Smart Visual sensor algorithms. Tunable and Easy to define.
  • Supports multiple camera types and multiple views to provide visual coverage of entire automation system. For example, IP Camera (with PTZ) , Webcam and other USB cameras
  • Works with any automation system including liquid-handlers and arm-based systems. Seamless integration with no need for driver.
  • Documentation is available for integration with LIMS.
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