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ABOUT Robiotec


Robiotec Ltd. is an innovative company founded to provide the life-science industry with interdisciplinary and integrative R&D solutions. Our unique technology platform combined with our experience in lab automation, computational biology and software engineering allow us to provide our customers with advanced technology automated solutions that will dramatically boost their R&D productivity.


The Problem

Modern biotechnology R&D is expensive and slow. Industrial application development in biotechnology requires high-throughput processing and screening of thousands of samples using diverse experimental protocols. The progress and productivity of such labor intensive R&D biotech projects are often limited by the number of scientists and technicians available to perform and analyze the experiments. Adoption of more advanced high-throughput technologies is avoided as it requires significant amount of technical knowledge, sophisticated integration and advanced analysis tools.


Integrated Solutions

Robiotec provides its customers with a fast deployment of comprehensive automated solution. The extensive interdisciplinary experience of our team in software engineering, computational and experimental biology as well as robotic lab application development, allows us to provide quick and efficient solutions tailored to our customers needs. Using our software platform we can develop and deploy tools that enable the simple planning, execution and control of high-throughput lab experiments. In addition, we can automate multiple data collection processes and implement sophisticated data analysis and data visualization tools.


Software Platform

Robiotec Ltd. is developing a unique software platform that enables fast and cost effective deployment of robotic lab applications. These applications provide a simple interface and can be easily operated by the customer lab team. The application may include experiment design, automated experiment execution, data collection and analysis. In addition, the software enables sample tracking and integration with the customers existing database such as LIMS software. The software platform is modular and can be elaborated to support diverse types of laboratory equipment, experimental data and visualization tools.


The benefit

Our solution dramatically improves the productivity and the efficiency of biotech R&D projects, helping our customers to save on their R&D costs while enhancing the quality of their research and facilitating faster development of their products. Our solutions enable the implementation of labor intensive research projects that could not be considered due to limited lab resources and small workforce.


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