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Tube Rack Barcode Scanner For Biobanks and Lab Automation


Tube Rack 2D Barcode Scanner

Cameo-2D is a cutting-edge Tube Rack Barcode Scanner designed to streamline sample scanning and tracking for Biobanks, Diagnostic Labs, and Research Labs. This powerful tool makes automation a breeze, allowing labs to save time and increase productivity.

Flexible Plate Layout

Cameo-2D is highly versatile and can be easily integrated with a range of lab automation systems and liquid handlers. With its user-friendly interface, labs can quickly scan and track samples, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate data management.


Ready for Lab Automation

Whether you're managing a large biobank or a busy research lab, Cameo-2D is an essential tool for streamlining your Lab Automation workflow and improving productivity. 

Bench Scanning Stations

Cameo-2D is the ideal solution for Biobanks and Diagnostic Labs in need of a reliable bench scanning station. Its powerful Tube Rack Barcode Scanner makes scanning and tracking samples easy and efficient, ensuring accurate data management.

IMG_2077 (1).jpg

Auto trigger capture

It automatically identifies and scans a plate as soon as it is placed on top.

Green color indicates success

Plate Imaging and Analysis

Cameo-2D is not only a powerful Tube Rack Barcode Scanner, but it also has the added capability of being used in conjunction with LabEye software. This combination allows it to function as a versatile plate imager and image analysis tool, suitable for a range of lab tasks.

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