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BugTag: Track insects using a camera and microtags

BugTag is a software solution for tracking insects. 
  • Perfect for laboratory experiments where the individual identity of the insects needs to be tracked over a long period of time

  • Based on proprietary tags and computer vision software. Tags are included.

  • Tags are specifically designed so they can be small enough (as small as 1mm) to be placed on insects.

  • Robust to errors resulting from their small size.

  • Tags can be as small as 30x30 pixels with excellent performance, allowing large field of view.

  • Tags can be as small as 15x15 pixels with high rate of success (double the field of view)

  • The system is proven in use at the Weizmann Institute of Science with good performance and with published results.

  • Flexible analysis of frames and movies from any source.

  • BugBox is a dedicated imaging setup specifically for insect tracking and fluorescent imaging.

  • Analyze offline or in real time.

  • Development of customized setups including image acquisition, lighting and multiple cameras setups based on customer specifications.

  • Automation friendly. Can be intergrated with other software and solutions.


  • Greenwald , E; Segre, E; Feinerman, O (2015). Ant trophallactic networks: simultaneous measurement of interaction patterns and food dissemination.  Scientific Reports. 2015, 5 .

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