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BugBox: Insect Tracking and Fluorescent Imaging Instrument

A dedicated instrument for simultaneous time-lapse IR and fluorescent imaging of insects
  • Monitor laboratory experiments on ants or other insects right in a laboratory settings

  • Track individual insects using proprpietary tags and computer vision

  • Infra-Red imaging for tracking is invisible to many species

  • Add fluorescent imaging in one or multiple colors (via multiple camera, lighting and filter combinations)

  • Align images from multiple cameras to a single multi-channel image

  • Export results as single images, movies and text files with the location of individual insects at every frame


An example of the output from BugBox

Ants are tagged and imaged using an Infra-Red camera (shown in false blue color).
The tagged are analyzed and position and orientation of individual ants is inferred (shown in red).
Fluorescent imaging is overlayed in green color.


BugBox software

Start experiment and analize in real time or reanalize offline.

Show the results during analysis.

screenshot from BugTag software showing ant with their fluorescent signal
BugBox - Laboratory light proof box for insect experiments with fluorescent and visible light
BugBox light-proof box
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