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SeedlingBot: Seedling Transplantation System

Seedling transplantation

Seedling transplantation is labor intensive operation required in the production of full grown genetically modified (GM) plants.

SeedlingBot™ enables the analysis and characterization of seedlings (and others), automatically chooose seedlings to pick based on visual appearance and robotically transplant them from agar to agar.

SeedlingBot customized fingers picking a single seedlig for transplatation.
Source plate for pickin plants. Plants must be picked in th correct orientation
  • 5MP Images. Full resolution, beautiful images of your plates. View them better than with your own eyes.

  • Full documentation. Every plate image is saved and every plant picked is recorded.

  • Reliable repeatable automation. Plants are gently pulled from the source plate and placed onto the target plate, stem first to allow for good growth and good results.

  • Customizable. Plants can be chosen based on size, hue, darkness and special features such as leaf number, shape and proximity to other plants.

  • Profiles. Use the same systems to pick different species, different age, etc...

  • High capacity. Several source plates and many target plates can be loaded at once to allow long walk away time.

  • Interactive. User can intervene and manually select plants for transplantation.

  • Sterile. The whole system fits easily inside a biological hood (not included).

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